Bespoke Bridal & Occasion Wear

Terms and Conditions

a) Customers are required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit on the date of ordering all bridal gowns, bridesmaids gowns, prom dresses, accessories and other bespoke items.

 b) No goods may be removed from the premises until full payment of the order has been fulfilled. In cases where a cheque is paid, goods will not be released until the cheque has been cleared by the bank, which could take up to ten working days, unless it is supported with a valid cheque guarantee card to the value of the amount required.


 All items remain the property of Incandescence Couture Ltd until paid for in full.

 c) Customers should retain their sales contracts, and any other receipts as proof of purchase, and be sure to have read this TERMS AND CONDITIONS NOTICE and fully understand its requirements. 


Cancelling your order

You may cancel your order within 14 days of the date you placed the order. However if you request a special delivery date (12 weeks away or less) we will need to start the order immediately and therefore you will waive the 14 day grace period for cancelling your order. If you do wish to cancel your order, please contact us directly as soon as possible, if work has not yet started on the order we will refund the full amount, minus any administrative fees and speciality materials that were purchased specifically for your order.

If you wish to make changes to the design of your garment please contact us as soon as possible as  these must be agreed before making has begun otherwise additional costs may be incurred.


Refunds and returns

All bespoke, made-to-measure items are handmade and therefore unique.  We are unable to offer an exchange or refund on goods that are made to the customers personalised specifications. However we do our best to delight every client.

In the case of bespoke garments the fitting alterations are included in the price. However any changes to the design of the garment may incur additional costs which will be agreed with the client before alterations are carried out.

In the event of a wedding, or other important event, being cancelled for any reason whatsoever, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges for the order and full payment is required.



A date will be arranged between the client and Incandescence Couture Ltd as to when measurements will be taken and agreed. After the sales order contact (including measurements) has been signed and the order placed, Incandescence Couture Ltd cannot and will not accept any responsibility in respect of any changes which may occur in the Customers size and body shape. Please note that if customers have a significant change in body shape or weight following the order being placed, it is advised that they inform Incandescence Couture Ltd as soon as possible.

It is ESSENTIAL that customers bring their shoes and any underwear being worn with the garment to all their fitting appointments. We will recommend the amount of alterations to the garments, if the client insists on a tighter fit than recommended, we will not be responsible.

 Customers are asked to make themselves available for all fittings and alterations when reasonably required and should be prepared to attend for at least four fittings.

Fitting days may be restricted to certain days or times due to the nature of our business; customers are advised to book their fittings as soon as possible, however every endeavour will be made to accommodate the customer’s requirements.


Non-collection of goods

If customers do not collect their goods within 3 months of the wedding date then the contract will be deemed cancelled without any further notification and any monies paid will not be refunded.

Garments will be put into the shops stock to be re-sold.


Colour matching

Incandescence Couture Ltd is not able to guarantee the colour matching of individual dresses (i.e. bridesmaids dresses) unless the order for all garments is placed all on the same date.

Colour matching is more difficult when garments are ordered at different times; there will be a better chance that all the garments will match if ordered at the same time and cut from the same fabric roll.

Swatches should be regarded as indication only. If exact colour matching is important a new swatch can be ordered for your approval. This applies to all fabrics, laces, beading and any other trimmings or embellishments.



a) Should Incandescence Couture Ltd breach its obligations under this agreement, its liability is limited to any direct loss incurred by the customer arising from such breach.

 Incandescence Couture Ltd will NOT be liable for any breaches caused by circumstances outside our control