Bridal Alterations

Do you need your dress altering to get that perfect fit? We offer a wide range of alteration services, from hems to taking in or letting out your dress. 

We can also alter bridesmaid dresses, groom's suits and mother of the bride etc.

For wedding dress alterations we ideally would like to see you and your dress a minimum of 2 months before the wedding. We know in some circumstances this can be difficult so please contact us before booking in for an appointment if the timing is much closer.

You will need up to 3 appointments

1st Consultation we will discuss all the changes and fit adjustments that need to be made and pin your dress.

2nd fitting We will check that the adjustments that have been made fit well and whether any further adjustments are needed.

3rd and final fitting, we will double check  that you can walk and sit comfortably in your dress and that you are happy with all the adjustments made.

For all fittings you will need to bring the correct underwear and shoes. Any changes to the bridal underwear that effect the fit during the process will add additional charges. Changes in bodysuits and bras can make a big difference.

Bridesmaid dress alterations

For bridesmaid alterations we need 4-6 weeks before the wedding. You will need to bring shoes and the underwear  intend to be worn on the day. Please book a half hour appointment per 2 bridesmaids. 

Price List

The below prices are a rough guide. The cost is determined by how complex the alteration is and the fabric of the garment.

Wedding Dress

Shortened Straps -£25

Bust darts added or adjusted £60

Bust pads adding £20

Taking in at side with boning (sleeveless) £50

Take in side seams with sleeve £80

Take in side seams with beaded lace (sleeveless) £80

Adding Net under layers £50 + fabric

Adding a sash £85 + fabric

New Heavy duty bridal Zip changing/adding £50 dependent on fabric

Embroidery motif adding £45 + motif per panel

Shorten hem from £75 - £200 dependent on number of layers and fabric.

Belt motif adding £30-£50+ motif

Beading adding/fixing - £40 per panel + beads

Adding Lacing to plain back- £90 + fabric (additional costs if lace or

Beads have to be adjusted)

Add Cap sleeve plain £25 + fabric

Add full Sleeve £45 + fabric (for plain)

Add full Sleeve Lace £60 + fabric


Press Bridesmaid Dresses £10 each

Press Prom Dresses £10

Press wedding dresses from £45- £60

Bridesmaid dresses& Evening Dresses


Shorten chiffon full layer over-locked edge - £15

Shorten chiffon regular layer rolled hem -£15

Shorten chiffon full layer rolled hem -£20

Shorten tulle layers- £5 per layer

Shorten single lining layer add - £7

Shorten regular (straight) with lining - £25

Shorten by hand regular (pencil skirt type hem) - £20

Shorten regular machine stitched - £12

Shorten circular skirt with lining- £30

Shorten hem pleated £30

Shorten by hand full skirt -£32

Shorten layer with crinoline in hem - £40


Size alterations

Take in at side seams - £22

Take in with lining - £25

Take in with boning - £32

Take in at Zip - £30

New zip plain -£20 +zip

New invisible zip -£20+zip

New heavy duty invisible zip- £30


Take in seams with Lace ADD + £20

Take in seams with beading ADD + £20-£30

Add Lacing to back - £80+ fabric

Straps & Shoulders

Shorten plain straps - £10

Shorten plain lined straps - £11

Shorten plain cord straps - £8

Alter plain shoulders - £20

Add £5 to alter shoulders with piping

Add £10 to alter shoulders with beading

Add £10 to alter shoulders with cap sleeve

Add £10 to alter shoulders with lace

Re sew beading by hand - £30 per panel

Add bra loop holders - £5